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I am a humanistic therapist, which means that I do not give advice or claim to have a magic wand that can 'fix you'. My approach is to work alongside you, facilitating you to find your own answers and providing you with a safe, accepting space in which to explore what's really going on for you. 

Some people find the experience of simply telling their story, and being truly heard, deeply therapeutic in itself. However, therapy is a lot more than just being listened to and may include:

  • ​Exploring the root causes of your anxiety and depression

  • Making sense of past experiences and how they may be affecting the choices you are making in the present 

  • Identifying any triggers and developing coping strategies

  • Learning some simple psychological concepts to help you to better understand yourself and view your life through a different lens

  • Challenging yourself to try out new ways of managing your life and your relationships

  • Identifying any immediate, practical steps you could take to improve your mood and outlook in the short-term

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