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Sessions & fees


Before booking a session, I offer a free of charge, 15-minute phone consultation to explore your particular issues and to ask and answer any immediate questions. Following this call, we can then arrange a time and date on which to meet. My consulting room is in Benenden, and I also offer sessions online, over Zoom. 


Our first session is an assessment, whereby I will ask you some questions about yourself and invite you to tell me a little about your situation and what brings you to therapy. This session provides an opportunity for you to decide if I am someone you feel comfortable working with, and for me to assess if I am going to be the best therapist for you or if there is another practitioner who I feel would be better suited to your needs. As with all subsequent sessions, the assessment session lasts for 50 minutes and costs £50.


Sessions are weekly and usually take place at the same day and time each week, although I can offer some flexibility if required. Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost £50.

Call me on 07871 314030 or email to arrange your free phone consultation. 

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