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Psychotherapy & Counselling for Anxiety and Depression


  • Feeling anxious, stressed, depressed or overwhelmed (or all of these)

  • Overthinking and worrying excessively about your situation, resulting in you feeling drained and stuck

  • Presenting a 'together' image to the world whilst feeling highly anxious or depressed inside

  • Experiencing problems in your relationships

  • Feeling unfulfilled and not getting your needs met

  • Struggling to see a way forward


I am a fully qualified UKCP registered psychotherapist specialising in helping people with anxiety and depression.

I can work with you to...

  • Identify any immediate steps you can take to improve your mood and situation in the short-term

  • Explore the root causes of your problems and how past experiences may be affecting the choices you are making in the present

  • Stop listening to the critical voice in your head and improve your self esteem

  • Improve your relationships and build new ones

  • Decide what you really want for your life and learn how to get your needs met

  • Identify the steps you can take to have a brighter and better future


Call me on 07871 314030 to arrange a free phone consultation. 

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